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This section includes highlights of some of Leah's latest media coverage, as well as information about exhibitions and shows. If you have any questions about Leah's work or approach, or for media inquiries, please get in touch directly.

Press: Press

Creative Collective

The Duncairn's Creative collective, created an amazing opportunity to engage artists from diverse artforms and backgrounds and invite them to explore different ways to collaborate across artforms and produce innovative and unique art and music.

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Exhibiting at the RUA

Leah's work was chosen alongside other artists, to exhibit for the RUA's 140th annual exhibition at the Ulster Museum. The painting 'Luke' was bought by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, where it remains as part of their permanent collection.


Belfast Lord Mayor Commission

Leah's latest work is the Lord Mayor of Belfast commission, where she was sought after and will be the youngest female Artist to have ever completed the commission. The unveil of the painting will be summer of 2022. The finished portrait will be hung in Belfast City Hall alongside decades of Lord Mayor of Belfast portraits.

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